Tri-Logo Cardback Gallery

Tri-Logo Resto-Project


This is a project that I started many years ago.  At first I wanted to recard my well-kept original figures.  By the end of the project I just enjoyed spending the time restoring some of these to better than original quality.  Many of my customizing aquaintences were able to send me original cardbacks scans which I used to create a template and build one card at a time through a tedeous cleanup process.

62 Cardbacks were completed in some form or another.  In my opinion they are good enough to original quality to print and not be distractingly different from the originals.  Some are far better because of the photography was used instead of the cardback art.

Like many projects through my life this one never was finished.  However, instead of them never being displayed I thought I would share for others to get inspriation.